Frame Display Area

Below are a few pictures of our frame display area where you can choose from hundreds of options. We are sure you will find a great frame that you will love in the frame display area.

Warrenton Eye Doctors, Frame Display Area
Warrenton Eye Doctors, Frame Display Area

Frames and Lenses

Warrenton Eye Doctors, Eyeglass Dispensary
It is our goal to provide you with eyeglasses that express your individual style while enhancing your quality of life. We provide premium lens options that will provide you with clear, comfortable vision for your unique demands at work, home, or play. Our dispensary is stocked with approximately 1,000 frames carefully selected from only the most trusted frame manufactures. Our staff is trained to fit the latest progressive no-line multifocal, the thinnest high index lenses for high prescriptions, custom computer lens designs, impact resistant athletic eyewear and protective sun wear. They are knowledgeable about your insurance coverage and can help guide you in finding the right pair of eyeglasses for you.

We carry a wide selection of frames, from high end designer frames to more cost conscious and budget friendly frames. Examples of the wide variety of manufacturers and styles we carry are Ray Ban, Juicy Couture, Coach, Michael Kors, Maui Jim, Banana Republic, Tom Ford Eyewear, Jimmy Choo, sunglasses and much more.

Lens Options include (click each item for more information):

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